Sweet As Wine

Hello, Welcome, My Name Is MzzBrownSugar, I am from Jacksonville Beach,Fla I am a RnB/Pop Singer/Songwriter, I am currently working on and writing my first music single, and recording it in my music studio, and then i will be having my second music project to work on and release next after that, 

I grew up singing in my church choir, and i have been writing a lot of songs for the past years. i have always had a passion for music and i have always wanted to write beautiful lyrics and sing them to inspire others through my music, what makes me different and set me apart from everyone else is i am writing about my life stories, and i have a passion for giving back to my community and helping others, and i love and enjoy what i am doing as a artist, putting my whole heart and soul into every lyric and beat, and i want to produce many beautiful songs for all of my fans and create plenty of  good albums and singles. 

so whats next for MzzBrownSugar, I plan on recording my second single next and working on my first album as well, and and being the best artist coming out of DUVAL County, Florida, so to all of my fans, show MzzBrownSugar some love and sign up below for my email list, and keep up with me for more information and news about new music, etc. Thank you beautiful sunshines!! #MzzBrownSugar